Welcome! Spending a few minutes on www.tappingchanges.com can help change your life in ways you may not have imagined possible, easily and quickly. Your body has a complex Energy system, and an ability to unblock stuck Energy. Un-blocking specific Energy blocks resolves one's health issues, troubled relationships, stubborn excess weight and stagnating finances. Pankajís scientific yet simple teachings are used by people around the world, including the 18 countries from where you see testimonials below, who have found greater inner peace, clarity, confidence, good health, joy and more.

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At TEDx Delhi 2012 Pankaj presented the idea that 'Nothing is Incurable', to a global

Pankaj demonstrated Energy healing live on Malaysia's national news service channel Bernama TV in 2015

Attending workshops and/or personal sessions with Pankaj can change many areas of your life easily and permanently as his experience, skill and knowledge are exceptional. He has demonstrated Energy clearing live on television in India and Malaysia, and conducted over 1200 workshops and 30,000 hours of healings over 16 years. This kind of expertise is rare. While his practice extends to all 6 continents, he remains easily accessable to everyone.
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You can either have Pankaj heal you and/or you can learn how to heal and transform yourself by attending his workshops in person or online.

While many mainstream media entities have covered Pankaj, his work, and Energy healing, the best testimonials are from those who have experienced the benefits themselves:

Incurable Conditions, Pain and Migraines

"Healing sessions with Pankaj have given me 99% relief from Fibromyalgia and have re-started working full-time as a consultant radiologist. I have regained my stamina 100% and am exercising without any pain."

Dr.Sonia Softa
Radiologist, New Delhi, India

"Pankaj healed my severe backache in a few minutes. I attended his workshop and was very impressed. My wife and friends have attended it too and benefited a lot. Everyone should attend his workshops."

Jeremy G., Businessman

"My years-old acute shoulder pain and stiffness subsided in one healing session with Pankaj. It has been a few years since then, and my shoulder is still fine. I am looking forward to attending his next workshop."

Saroj Avalani
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"My chronic migraines, cervical pain and hyper-tension have vanished completely after just a few sessions of healing with with Pankaj. I have not had to take medicines for months now."

Dr.Shivani Malik
Radiologist, New Delhi, India

"After one very powerful healing session with Pankaj two years ago, a lot of physical pain got healed. Soon my career jump-started and future sessions brought me more good luck than I could have imagined. This is powerful!"

Marcos Ruiz,
Aviation professional, Barcelona, Spain

"I got rid of a 50-year old back pain with just a few minutes of EFT over 7-10days! My sister learnt EFT from Pankaj too and got rid of a decades-old shoulder pain."

Chandigarh, India

Since Pankajís workshop there has been a 70% reduction in my chronic back ache and terrible pain in my joints, and hence a 70 % reduction in medication! EFT is a quick 'tool' to heal the issues in life ...read more"

Manika Awasthi
Director of Human Resources, Gurgaon, India

"I was diagnosed with an incurable condition in my hip-joint. After 3 months of physio-therapy - which showed no improvement - it cleared in 2 minutes when Pankaj did EFT for me. There is NO pain. I can run now!"

Corporate Professional, Pune, India

"I felt that a shoulder muscle got pulled while I was lifting weights at the gym. This painful sensation reduced to a mild tingling after a minute of EFT and I resumed my workout. My shoulder has been absolutely fine since then! I am glad I learned EFT from Pankaj."

Sundeep Kataria
HR consultant, New Delhi, India

"One healing session with Pankaj healed my months-old back ache for which I had tried everything from medicines to physiotherapy and other therapies."

Andres Perez
Mayor of Adios, Spain


ďI could never smell anything inspite of my nose, and the rest of my body, being fine according to doctors. I went to doctors and healers around the world but got no solution. Pankaj diagnosed and healed...read more"

Amalia Ghiban
Trainer, Lisbon, Portugal

"Pankaj healed a chronic stomach ache I had had for days in a matter of minutes. I couldn't believe it. I have been fine since then."

Petra Stršhl
Corporate professional, Zurich, Switzerland

"The workshop with Pankaj has not only freed me from my leg pains, but has helped me live freely within and out. It has also created financial success for me in my business."

Deepikaa Jindal,

Businesswoman, New Delhi, India

"Within three online healing sessions with Pankaj my migraines vanished permanently and my acidity became significantly less. I had suffered for years from migraines and acute acidity had tried every known cure without success. After...read more"

Manisha Mehta
Designer, Singapore

"I had chronic heaviness in my shoulders for 13 years . I was of the opinion that it was due to my desk-job and resulting in poor posture. To my surprise during the Pankaj's workshop in Kuala Lumpur, within...read more"

Raani L.,
HR Professional, Singapore

"One night I suddenly discovered that I have Bell's Palsy (facial paralysis). I knew it because my mother had it once. The right side of my face was paralysed and I couldn't even close my eyes. I was in a shock. The next morning I called and asked Pankaj what ...read more"

Sudip Vairat,
Yoga instrustor, Mumbai, India

"My wife lost 7kgs in a few weeks just by using EFT application we learned from Pankaj! This has given her tremendous self-confidence. Her crippling migraines have reduced to mild headaches. I healed a year-old pain in my arm that doctors had given up on! We are both grateful to Pankaj."

Stock broker, New Delhi, India

"My 10 year old ankle and heel pain caused by an injury has almost vanished completely after a brief healing session with Pankaj. I am now able to walk with high heels, and for long distances. Besides that...read more"

Yogeswaree Supramaniam
Investor Services Manager, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"On a doctor's recommendation I took medication for almost a month for blurred vision. That didn't help. It took me less than an hour with Pankaj to get rid of it. Thank you so much"

Bhupendra Kumar
Businessman, New Delhi, India

"My severe cervical pain vanished in less than 5 minutes with EFT! I was at school and EFT was my only hope. Hot water fomentation I did the night before hadn't helped much. Thank you for teaching us EFT, Pankaj."

Purnima Khanna
School teacher, New Delhi, India

Emotional Pain, Depression and Anger

"Pankaj has helped me identify my core emotional issues that created a lot of anger and resentment. This latent anger impacted, for years, most my important family relationships. With Pankaj's teaching and healing, the pent-up...read more"

Charlotte Goh
Marketing consultant, Singapore

"My healing sessions with Pankaj have done wonders for me. I've been able to clear and move past emotional and confidence issues that have been holding me back since childhood. I now live and work work with confidence and joy."

Wafa Saifi
Business owner, Dubai

"Pankaj is a sincere and experienced trainer and practitioner. Through his clear and well explained EFT-based workshops I can effectively manage my emotions now, keep my inner peace and see positive improvements in my life in many areas...read more"

E. Goh
Engineer, Singapore

"Healing sessions with Pankaj cleared the mental clutter and emotional pain that was blocking me from moving forward in my life. I am much happier, clearer and more peaceful even five years after I did some sessions with him online and in South America. The results are definitely permanent!"

Maria Mora,
Entrepreneur, Guayaquil, Equador

"I used to lose my temper very frequently until I attended Pankaj's workshop. Since then most of my anger has simply vanished, my energy is so high that I wake up 3 hours earlier in the morning - fully charged...read more"

Lata Verghese
Businesswoman, New Delhi, India

"Mr.Gupta's workshop had helped me to resolve my sadness and start feeling love, in just a few minutes! Ever since then I apply EFT in my daily life. It has changed my life, especially by becoming more fearless about doing things. Everyone should experience this workshop to live the life you want!"

Khim, Malaysia
Nutritionist, yoga instructor

"With EFT I have cleared my mental and emotional wounds. I have great confidence in this powerful form of healing which works outside conventional medicine."

Ms.Pallavi Laxman

"My knee-pain from a sports injury has healed completely - with only a few minutes of EFT over a few days. I have lost weight because of the deep inner peace I have found by tapping. Thank you, Pankaj."

Media Executive


"I had become a different person since a painful relationship break-up five years ago. I did not feel like doing anything, felt low all the time and could not smile or laugh much. Just three sessions with Mr.Gupta have given birth to a new me! I am confident,...read more"

Margarita Ghisays

""Mr.Gupta's workshop surprised me with clarity about our emotional baggage, how it limits our entire life, and how to clear it myself. I have become considerably more confident, and am much more in control of my life with this new-found understanding and...read more"

Liberty Gelderloos,
San Francisco, USA


"After years of searching and researching, I was finally able to get started on my healing journey thanks to Mr.Gupta. First to help myself and secondly to help a very large and growing community of...read more"

Dan Drupsteen
Aukland, New Zealand


"Just one session with Mr. Gupta set me free from the emotional wounds of a broken relationship that had overshadowed all areas of my life. Six months since and I still feel different, lighter, as if Reborn....read more"

Mahima Kumar
The Canadian Museum of Hindu Civilization, Toronto

"With Mr.Gupta's help I have healed the anger and guilt that had controlled me for as long as I remember. I now live more peacefully as there's almost no stress and anger in me anymore, and feel stronger and clearer."

S.H. Goh, Engineer

"Mr.Gupta has helped me get in touch with and clear a lot of past emotional burden I carried all these years. Today I feel much lighter emotionally and at peace with myself and my surroundings."

Maj.Gen.R.D.Singh (Retd.)

"EFT cured my clinical depression and year-old cough. I tried everything to cure them - allopathy, ayurveda, astrology..EFT did it. I now use EFT on everything for my family and it is always very effective. All thanks to Mr.Gupta's expert teaching ways!"

Mrs.Ashima Arora, New Delhi, India

"With EFT I have come out of depression and the trauma related to a broken relationship. I am emotionally strong now, and help family and friends with EFT - it is SO effective! I am glad I ...read more"


Fears, Phobias and Anxiety

"After tapping under Pankaj Sir's guidance, my life-long conflicted relationship with my father began changing, I became confident and was able to make a much needed career move I had been trying to for some years, and even won a Badminton tournament. Miracles do happen! Pankaj Sir kept following up...read more"

Dr.Gautam Laud, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

"I lived in a state of constant fear and anxiety my entire life. Pankaj's workshop has helped me erase a lot of my fears, and enjoy life confidently. My closest relationships are much happier too now."

Judith Szper Henke
California, USA

"I was very courageous till I met Mr.Gupta. He helped me realize that my fears required me to be courageous. My continued work with him gave me the greatest gift ever - I became fearless. That has not only given me immense peace, it has opened many new doors for me and brought great success."

Toranj Kayvon, Professional photographer
Vancouver, Canada

"With EFT I got over my life-long fear of sleeping alone."

Ritika Modi

Regional President

UNIGLOBE Travel South Asia

"Attending Mr.Gupta's workshop has empowered me for the rest of my life. I feel more confident now that I can clear pain and fears within minutes. I don't have to suffer!"

Charley Roblin

"Mr.Gupta's EFT workshop changed my thinking. Instead of worrying constantly I am now free, positive, trusting and empowered. My life has changed from a constant struggle to one of ease and abundance...read more"

Mrs.R.Dhillon, Retired professional
New Delhi


"After years of trying many kinds of healings, I attended Mr.Gupta's workshop. He connected all the dots so simply that I transformed faster than I could have imagined, and my life got upgraded. In less than a week, I received a call back from a...read more"

Monica Dogra, International musician and actor
New York, USA

"After just one personal session with Pankaj I found a big drop in my daily stress levels that were very high because of working in a fast paced business and leading teams which operate out of multiple geographies. I am much more focused,...read more"

Sanjay Menon
Vice President with a Billion dollar global services firm

""Healing sessions and a workshop with Mr.Gupta has helped me to come out of stress, worry and anxiety and to start feeling stronger. I have much more energy now and enjoy my life and family like never before."

Clotilde, France

"I have started driving again after 15 years! Mr.Gupta cleared my fear of driving and I now drive freely - what freedom! I am also living more freely after dropping my emotional baggage ! Thank you for being the guiding light, Mr.Gupta."

SJ, HR professional
New Delhi

"I had my share of fears that were crippling my career and social life and I was eagerly seeking a solution. Pankaj came as the solution that helped me erase my fears and get in touch with my REAL...read more"

Geetika Nayyar
Interior Designer,New Delhi

With EFT I have been able to completely change the way I react to situations. It has helped me get rid of many fears that I now realize were not real and only existed in my mind."

Konika Kwatra
Assistant professor, Delhi University

Permanent weight loss

"To find out how you can lose several kilos of weight without dieting or exercise, please click here"

Pankaj Gupta


Women's Matters

"My polycystic ovary condition disappeared without medicines within two weeks of Mr.Gupta's healing workshop that I attended. I have since them done more workshops with him with great benefits."

Mrs.Simmi Arora

"Healings and workshops with Mr.Gupta have really improved my relationships with those close to me, and created more harmony in my life without have to say a word to the others. Mr.Gupta teaches in a clear and concise way, and he is easy to understand...read more"

Fiona Koutlis

I was able to lose 5 kgs of weight with Pankaj's guidance during his workshop. I did not change my food intake or increase exercise and weight the has stayed off. As I healed certain problems and fears I had about my life situation, I began to understand myself better and this sense of clarity helped me change my...read more"

Apoorva M. Lochan, NGO professional
London, UK

"After my bitter marriage of 21 years ended, I was relieved but confused, anxious and deeply hurt. Two years after it my pain didn't seem to abet! I continued to feel betrayed and angry as I struggled to...read more"

New Delhi

"One of my student's yet-unborn child wasn't growing normally. I used EFT on her and within a week the child started growing normally and was born in perfect condition."

Mrs.Nutan Pandit
Natural Childbirth Trainer/Author


"Before attending Pankaj's workshop I never had the time for myself. Since the workshop, my life has become quite effortless and I have time for myself, while continuing to do everything I previously did for my business, family and friends Over the...read more"

Natasha Aref, Business owner

"I got rid of a two year old, constant severe point of pain in my spinal cord due to the epidural injection I received at the time of the delivery of my baby girl - in two minutes flat - during Pankaj's workshop...read more"

Neeti Wagh
Actor/Singer/VO Artist

"I met Mr.Gupta during a difficult period of separation. By applying what Mr.Gupta taught me, I got a satisfactory settlement, manifested a new home and car effortlessly, started my new business, and now even ...read more"

Fanny Walter

My introduction to Pankaj was made early in 2012, ever since my life has changed a 100 fold positively. I had multiple issues with my outlook, behaviour, and the overall quality of my life. Having suffered an irreparable personal loss and everything going awry...read more"

Vidushi Mehra, Actor

New Delhi

"My mind was constantly agitated because of the trauma of a past abusive relationship. I am now more peaceful and happy than anyone I know! At Mr.Gupta's EFT workshop I released the emotional...read more"



"Over the past 15 years I have seen numerous cases of addictions be healed - alcohol, drug, gambling, sex, shopping and other addictions. Most people who have been addicts want to keep their secret a secret for obvious reasons. That is why this section has fewer testimonials than the other sections on this web page. If you are struggling with an addiction or know someone who wants to overcome theirs, please drop me a line by clicking here. You will be surprised by the simplicity of the solution.

Pankaj Gupta

"With EFT I have eliminated my strong craving for sweets. My consumption of sweets is down by 95% after Mr.Gupta showed me how. I don't need to use will power to control myself. My diet is more balanced now than ever!"

Art consultant


"I stopped over-eating compulsively after my first healing session with Mr.Gupta. He then helped me identify my personality traps that were holding me back. I have since then lost weight and am more confident too! I am eagerly continuing my 'inner work' with him."

D.Dewantari, Business onwer
Jakarta, Indonesia

"My cigarette smoking has reduced by 75% since I met Mr.Pankaj Gupta. My confidence and my earnings have soared too."

Mr.Vikram Atwal

Children's Wellbeing

"My 10-year old son's polyp vanished with EFT! The doctors who had diagnosed surgery couldn't believe their eyes when he went in for his pre-surgery check-up! Thank you, Mr.Gupta."


"I have learnt the secret to heal illnesses and keep them away, for my children and myself. Thank you Pankaj and EFT! I have also been much more peaceful after I attended your workshop a few years ago."

Ranjana Hamriwasia


"My 5 year old child suddenly started screaming and crying hysterically due to a painful ear infection.I gave him medication but knew it would take at least 20-40 minutes to work. So I started to do EFT for him. I was absolutely amazed – he became quiet... read more"


"My kids love EFT! I can heal their injury pains in minutes, and have erased their fears of darkness, lizards etc. and made them more confident and 'cool'. Thank you, Mr.Gupta!"

Mrs.Sangeeta Kochhar
Marketing Professional

International Workshops

"I attended Mr.Gupta's EFT workshop in New Delhi and was highly impressed with his clear, organized teaching style. As a professional psychotherapist with 30 years of experience, I am convinced about EFT's effectiveness."

Mr.Abe Scher
MSW, LCSW, California

"I have been seeking emotional healing for 3 years. This workshop is one of the best I have ever attended. EFT is the most advanced tool one can use to process heavy emotions and heal yourself fast and easy."

Yana Fry, Trainer

"Having attended Pankajís workshop online, I canít describe the big positive changes it has made in my life. I am beginning to live the life we should and deserve. I know that everyone who comes...read more"

Brian Knight
Mackay QLD, Australia

"Words don't do justice to how much Pankaj's workshops and healings have changed my life. I am a single, working mother and my burdens include deep emotional ones I have been carrying for 25 years. I was always stressed, coudn't sleep, and constantly...read more"

Kylie Rogash
Mackay, Australia

"I found useful tools at Pankaj's EFT workshop to find and maintain my inner peace, and to navigate emotions from events that come up in every day life."

Ingrid Hanson

"Attending Pankaj's workshops has had a profound impact on my life. Not only has it helped me develop a deep understanding of who I really am and what I stand for, but doing so I have also been able to be freer, in the moment and just be myself, without any...read more"

Diksha Kaur, Real Estate Professional
New Delhi

"Pankaj's workshop has proven to be quite useful as it gave me more clarity on how energy works and how we can live life effortlessly. I highly recommend it to my friends and I look forward to Pankaj's next visit to Jakarta."

Jakarta, Indonesia

"I found Pankaj's workshop so useful that I invited him to Mumbai to conduct another workshop so that my parents and friends could benefit from it too. They too were extremely thrilled with his workshop!"

Minnal Dhingra, Business Owner


"Healings and workshops with Pankaj have given me great clarity and confidence. I am able to make empowered choices now and live with a deep sense of inner peace and strength. My energy level...read more"

Prakash Vania
Engineer, Singapore

"Mr.Gupta's workshop brought surprisingly deep revelations to an alternative/natural therapies fan like me For example, through the teachings and processes I came to realise that a lot of the struggle I faced in life was because I had witnessed my...read more"

Shobie Malani, Prenatal and Kids Yoga instructor
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"No matter what stage of life you are in, workshops with Mr.Gupta are a must-do. I have not only cleared emotional blocks but have learnt a new empowered approach to life."

Anita Woo
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"I healed the painful loss of my father and also found the clarity and power to start my dream business after I did Pankaj's workshop. 3 years later my dream business is doing very well! I invited Pankaj to conduct his workshop in Tehran, and people here...read more"

Simran Kaur, Pasrty Chef
Tehran, Iran

"EFT has helped me enormously on the physical and mental level. I am now on my spiritual journey with this GOD sent gift. I have benefiited enormously from Mr.Gupta's workshops in India and Singapore."

Mr.Sukhpal B., Retired Engineer

"I sought spiritual understanding for my entire adult life. I read many books and attended many seminars. I finally found Mr.Gupta's workshops. He 'connects the dots' with such simplicity that his workshops...read more"

Sam Daniel

"As a Buddhist I discovered that Pankaj is much like the Buddha without a trademark of his name. His way is the purest, simplest way to see the Truth that is usually difficult to see at first. In fact he makes it easier and faster to achieve it! After the workshop... read more"

Silvia Beatriz Pandullo
Buenos Aires, Argentina

"I have recommended Mr.Gupta's workshops to friends and family for 3 years. Every one of them who attended his workshop was simply amazed by him ."

Mrs.Neeva Jain
Host of The Big Idea on Zee Business


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