"I had my share of fears that were crippling my career and social life and I was eagerly seeking a solution. Pankaj came as the solution that helped me erase my fears and get in touch with my REAL inner self. This has opened avenues and possibilities that were beyond my imagination and I could only dream about them before I did his course; but now it all seems so very possible and within my grasp.
Not only has it healed me emotionally but also taken care of the regular aches and pains that used to bog me down in my daily life. I now love myself even more and have restored faith in my capabilities to achieve my dreams. It is a must do course for everyone as it is definitely a life changer. There is a lot of material related to tapping on the net and one is tempted to learn and practice it on their own but it is much more effective when done under proper guidance. Pankaj is a wonderful teacher who explained all the facets of EFT and a lot of other things in a very basic and easy to understand manner. Thank you Pankaj, for changing me and letting me get in touch with the REAL ME."

Geetika Nayyar
Interior Designer
New Delhi, India