Rita (name changed) is an enthusiastic tapper who attended the basic and advanced workshops in March, 2013. She is a wife, mother and a talented professional singer and actor. She has shared some of the manifestations in her life since these workshops. I had shared her account with you back then and am re-sending it now because her list shows us clearly that when one shifts one's inner reality, the resulting shifts are at emotional, mental, physical, personal, professional, financial and spiritual levels. These are all effortless shifts and are permanent - she has been in touch with me so I know what has been happening in her life. Read her account to get inspired!


Feel free to re-attend the basic workshop (Live The Life You Want) practically free, attend follow up workshops (totally free), Advanced workshops, retreats and/or individual sessions. All workshops and sessions are available online. Even watching my TEDx video on tappingchanges.com often can help you to make shifts. Email me your questions and success stories...or just drop a line and tell me how you are...I remember you.


Love and blessings,





From Rita:


1 Aug 2013


Dear Pankaj,


I am oozing with happiness as I share my experience with what I have gained through you and your workshops. 


1. At the basic workshop I attended in March 2013 in the first round of EFT, a two year old, constant severe point of pain in my spinal cord due to the epidural injection I received at the time of delivery of my baby girl was GONE. It's been 4 months now and not even an iota of pain is there. My back has never felt so strong ever since my childhood. I now choose to sit up straight and do not choose seats with back rest at all.


2. In the next 10 days time, I was hired to sing an international film song. It was a previously an undoable song for me being a very high pitched song. I hated my limited vocal range. To add to that, I have suffered from deep fears of singing and performing. We tapped away all these fears at the workshop and I was therefore able to audition for the song. I was selected for this song and it will soon be in the movie! 


3. I was a sickly child who was always low on energy and prone to viral infection all the time. At the Advanced workshop (Brain Surgery) later in March, 2013  Pankaj taught us some super-powerful tapping 'tools' to improve and maintain high energy levels. It's unbelievable that I rarely feel tired or lethargic ever since then. Even my sleep requirement as reduced by a few hours too.


4. I am mostly calm and peaceful since then. For the first time in 34 years my mother said that "You are very patient". Every now and then my husband asks " Are you really the same girl I married 9 years ago?"


5. While I use to get bouts of anger twice in a day, now they happen once in about fifteen days only. The frequency is decreasing day by day, as I am gradually becoming less reactive and more peaceful.


6. I recently did two re-birthing (breath-work) sessions with Pankaj with the intention of getting more work assignments, and in less than one week I got three calls from new clients. Out of these three I have already finished shooting with one of them.


Pankaj has profound knowledge of his work and every time I have connected with him, it has brought me immense benefits. This list is the tip of the iceberg. I highly recommend Pankaj's workshops and teachings to reconnect to our real Source, which is the Love and Light within us.


Thank you Pankaj for coming into my life as a great mentor. 


Connected to abundance of love and light,



Vocal Artist/Actor, Mumbai

TAPPING INTO REAL POWER - the secret ability of millionaires

Hello again,


I hope it has been a restful summer for you thus far...or winter, if you are on the other half of the planet. I am sharing below my Facebook post from today and that is followed by an earlier note I had sent that explains the point a little more. I hope it inspires you to set aside some time to tap :-)


Love and blessings,



I just saw this online and want to share my point of view with you. It may help you get more of what you want.


"Analysis of several hundred people who had accumulated fortunes well beyond the million dollar mark disclosed the fact that every one of them had the habit of reaching decisions promptly," Hill wrote in his 1937 classic, "Think and Grow Rich."


One reason why we delay decisions is because we are unsure about making a choice. Uncertainty is usually caused by a lack of trust about an outcome. Lack of trust is the same as fear. You may have fears about making a choice (decision) and also about not making it. This is what keeps you indecisive, usually. When you know how to use EFT (or tap) properly you know how to erase fears. I've long said that clarity is power. Those millionaires are living examples of that power. This power isn't about making money alone. It gets you health and love too.


Tap your way into clarity and the rest will follow.


Hello from Kuala Lumpur!


At the start of the workshop today I shared with the group that every group comes together for a reason, and there are often similarities among the participants and their issues. Today's half day session saw all the participants have clear physical reactions while tapping away blocked emotions - nausea, vomiting, gut-wrenching crying, uncontrollable belching, dizziness and more. And all of them felt very light and relaxed by the time they left. You may think you were lucky you didn't have a group like this, but I think it is great if your body reacts so quickly and releases so much blocked energy on your behalf - that saves you a lot of tapping!


One of the questions a student asked prompted this note on using EFT to gain clarity. 


When you are confused about a decision it is because you have fears on both sides of the issue. You are afraid of losing something if you choose one option, and afraid of losing something else if you choose the other option. For example, you may have to decide on an exciting new job that takes you away from your young family for long periods of time. The traditional way of getting clarity involves listing and weighing the pros and cons and then making the decision. The clarity

​ ​

this exercise affords is often not enough to get us out of our internal conflict.


I have always taught that one must strive to operate from one's centre, i.e. from a peaceful, non-reactive space. When you are fearful about making choices, you are clearly reactive for you are reacting to the consequences your fears are showing you. Not much good comes out of reactive choices. A better way to decide would be to first tap out all the fears - fears about making one choice, and those about making the other. When you do that you will often have complete clarity and the correct decision will happen naturally, without internal conflict. Conflicts aren't just about making decisions. EFT can even help you resolve and be free of unresolved conflicts with others- without saying a word to them. If that interests you please see the story entitled "Tapping Away The Pain" on http://www.tappingchanges.com/press_article.php


My suggestion is to tap yourself into clarity rather than ask others for their inputs first. The clarity you find on your own by clearing your energy will serve you better than anything anyone else can tell you.


If you have forgotten how to tap, feel free to re-attend the basic workshop (practically free) or attend the free follow-up workshops (ask, if you want one soon).


Upcoming workshop dates are on

​ ​



Love and blessings,




Have you ever felt frustrated about making a permanent change in your life? Say, after a failed attempt at losing some weight and keeping it off? Or finding that every dream job turns out to be the same old thing? While reading a self-help book or perhaps listening to a self-help talk did you have a moment when you felt like 'I KNOW all these things, but how do I incorporate them into my life? How do I make a change once and for all?'

If so, what you are thirsty for is INTEGRATION (No, not calculus. I am sure you aren't thirsty for that). Integration to me is when something becomes a part of you. When you effortlessly wake up an hour or two earlier than usual and find that you have 'become' an early-riser, when you find you are naturally in a peaceful state and cannot remember the last time you lost that temper that you were once famous for. The awareness and ability needed to ride a bicycle or to swim are integrated within you, aren't they?

Integration is what results in permanent change. In my experience, it takes knowledge (understanding) AND 'energy work' to make a permanent change. I see most people focused on only one of the two. Some read a lot, listen a lot but find application very tough. Others do regular asanas, or Reiki, or breath-work and achieve higher energy, but often find it hard to make an important change they need to make.

For integration of new, better understanding to happen, you must be ready for it. I.e. your energy must be ready for it. The higher the understanding, the higher your energy needs to be to integrate it. When would you try to talk to an alcoholic about getting help? When he is drinking? When he is drunk out of his mind? Or when he is sober, feeling 'normal', and receptive? Obviously, when his energy is relatively good.

If you add a large, hard lump of sugar into a pot of water, some of the sugar will dissolve in the water and you will be unable to remove it from the water. A big part of the lump will remain undissolved and you will be able to remove it from the water if you wanted to. If you wish to dissolve the entire lump what would you need to do? Increase the energy of the water, of course! So if you light a flame under the pot and start stirring the water you will notice that the entire lump of sugar becomes a part of the water very quickly. The pot of water, the appropriate flame, and the sugar are all needed to turn the water into a sweet solution.

At the risk of stating the obvious, some of us are busy adding more sugar to the water (by reading this article you are certainly doing that), some of us light a candle under the water once in a while, others have a steady flame under the water but no sugar in sight. Few of us strike and sustain the optimum balance between the water, sugar and the flame.

There are many practices, tools and schools of thought that can help you strike a balance that creates permanent and effortless shifts in your life - without failed new year resolutions and diets, and the associated feelings of failure and low self-worth. In my experience self-help introspective books or talks, along with introspective exercises, EFT, and a regular energy practice make an unbeatable formula for making permanent changes.

EFT's power is transformative. It even improves the effects of energy practices like Reiki by clearing disruptions in our energy circuits. Tapping is the stirring of the sugar and water to make them inseparable.

The next time you feel like making a permanent change, check to see if you have all the ingredients of the recipe. Put the sugar in, light the flame, and start stirring. Before you know it, your life will be a lot sweeter than it ever seemed!

May you find your sweet spot in life.

Pankaj Gupta


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Rhonda Byrne, the author of The Secret, 'discovered the secret laws and principles of the universe' on a spring day in 2004 (as per her website). This discovery led to a complete transformation of her life and since then she has made it her mission to spread the secret to everyone who wants to transform his/her life. Over the past four years most people in the western world, especially the US, have heard about The Secret. Millions of Americans and Europeans have read the book in the past few years, many more have watched the movie, millions have read other books on similar topics. You are probably one of us.

So why is the West in the BIGGEST recession in history?

I think if in the past 3 years just 1 million people had used The Secret to attract love and financial abundance successfully, 10 million others would have asked them how they did it. And if The Secret had worked for most of those 10 million, then another 100 million people would have wanted to know about it and would have transformed their lives.

However, over 100 million people have been DIRECTLY affected by the recession in the US alone. Millions have lost jobs, homes, savings, good standards of living, and businesses. Is this what they wanted to attract? The same is true to a great
degree in the rest of the western world where The Secret has been translated in local languages.

Why is it that in the time in history when the secret laws of the universe are so widely known, we end-up attracting the WORST financial disaster that has engulfed the entire planet? Look around, those who haven't been affected by this
economic meltdown are probably the ones who never read The Secret!

So do these secret laws exist? Does The Secret work? Some say it does, the overwhelming evidence seems to say it doesn't.

In my view, the problem with The Secret is that it keeps the real secrets a secret! Does the author say where she found these secret laws? No, not in the movie at least. Why is there a lot of criticism in the mainstream media in the US about it?
Does it criticize the Law of Gravity? No, the Law of Gravity works - always, like a law is supposed to..

My intention is not to criticize a book that has opened the minds of millions, nor do I wish to criticize Ms.Bryne's benevolent intentions. I simply wish to point out that there seem to be some glaring shortcomings in most people's
understanding of The Secret and, in some cases, this harms them as well as recognition The Laws of The Universe deserve.
There is more to using The Secret than knowing the Laws of the Universe (The Secret does not clearly reveal the most important law!).

Much more. This is the gap that you can fill for yourself if you know EFT, and understand of the Laws of the Universe.

[This is what I teach at the Advanced EFT/Law of Attraction workshops. These workshops do not guarantee a beautiful transformation in your life, nor do they guarantee you more of even one thing that you want more of - just like a good engineering education does not guarantee a good engineering job. You have to at least APPLY for the job and then APPLY the education to keep the job. The workshops teach you what/how to APPLY, with a clear focus on some important shifts you wish to attract into your life.]

Pankaj Gupta (help@tappingchanges.com)


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Just about EVERYONE on the planet who knows anything about American society believed that it was highly unlikely, if not impossible, for a black man to become a US president this time around. This belief was proven right to a great degree - Barack Obama got less votes in this election in most southern and mid-western states as the overall winner, than what John Kerry got in those states in the last election as the loser. Before he started, and during his campaign Barack knew he was perceived as a black man in the US.

He also knew


how many blacks have even tried to run for President/VP in the US' history


that for most Americans, Saddam Hussein was an embodiment of evil and an enemy of the US, and since 9/11 for many Americans ALL Muslims are suspects. Baracks' middle name is Hussein


that many in the US believe/suspect that he is an Arab, and hence evil (because Obama sounds like Osama).


that some Americans openly said they would rather die than live under a black president


that a significant number of Democrats who supported Hillary said they would vote for McCain if Hillary wasn't

nominated, and they did


that he did not have the kind of personal wealth that the McCains or the Clintons had when he started campaigning (And we all know money is very very very important in the US presidential election, especially this one.)


that during the early stages of the campaign - when he was trying to decide whether to run or not - he wasn't nearly as well known as the Clintons. The whole world knew who Hillary was.


that 8 years ago he ran to be elected as a Congressman and lost. Did you hear about that campaign then? No, and neither did most people on the planet. It was a tiny campaign compared to the Presidential one and he lost.


that he is very young, by US Presidential standards


He knew all this and more. He had to. So, Barack KNEW he was too black, too young, relatively unknown, not rich enough, much weaker a candidate than Hillary, going to end up in huge debt if he lost-like Hillary is in now, but young enough to wait for another 4 years before he ran.


Or did he? Did he go by any of these beliefs? It doesn't seem like it to me.


So what did he know? In my opinion, all he knew was "I know I can." And that's all that mattered, didn't it?


Are there situations in your life you would like to see changed? Situations created by others and out of your control? Situations that are stagnant because of them? The situation Barack wanted to change depended on millions of people. How many people does your situation depend on?


One person. Only you. Change what you know and what you know will change. Yes, you can un-know what isn't serving you well. You can begin to know what will serve you, like "The Universe's bank account can never dry up, even if all 6 billion humans draw abundance from it."


So what do you know, dear one? What is impossible? What is possible? Are you lazy? Are you struggling? Are you beautiful? Are you rich? Whatever you say, you are right. So why not say/think something useful? Choose to know useful things, like "I know I can change for the better." What you `know', although seemingly real, is only a strong belief. That's all. Install useful beliefs into your energy and watch your reality change for the better. With EFT this is very simple.


Pankaj Gupta (help@tappingchanges.com)


[You can legally reproduce/forward this article only if the author's name and email id are mentioned in it.]

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