"Happy teammates make profits.
Stressed teammates make mistakes."
- Pankaj Gupta

Stress and interpersonal relationship issues rob professionals of their clarity, creativity, energy and focus, hence robbing the organization of a key resource and eventually, profits.

With EFT one can clear, usually permanently, stress caused by any factor, often in one minute. This makes it an ideal tool for busy professionals. With an endless list of things to manage, the last thing we need to manage is stress or anger. EFT simply clears such emotions leaving nothing to manage! Professionals report quick and dramatic results in stress reduction, and greater confidence and clarity, resulting in higher productivity and an improved work-life balance.
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Multi-billion dollar, people-friendly organizations like Indorama, IFFCO and Jindal Steel Ltd. are among Pankaj Gupta's clients.

Corporate workshops are customized to the requirements of the organization and can be conducted on or off-site. Please use the form on the Contact Us page if you want more information about our corporate workshops.

"After just one personal session with Pankaj I found a big drop in my daily stress levels that were very high because of working in a fast paced business and leading teams which operate out of multiple geographies. I am much more focused, calm and productive, even through seemingly stressful situations. Attending Pankaj's Live The Life You Want workshop has given me tools and awareness that have empowered me further. I highly recommend Pankaj and his workshop to anyone who works in the corporate environment."

Sanjay Menon
Vice President
Gurgaon, India

"Using EFT with Pankaj turned around my company's losses into a Rs.50,000,000 (Appx US$1 million) profit in three months."

Deepika Jindal
New Delhi, India

Corporate workshop with senior managers of Foncière des Régions, France
Corporate workshop for Indorama, Nigeria
Corporate workshop with RMZ Corp., Bengaluru
Corporate workshop with Indorama, India
  • RMZ GROUP INDIA (owned by MINDA)

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