Live The Life You Want

A transformation workshop for beginners

are combined together in a simple paradigm-shifting manner that gives you complete control over your life, relationships and outcomes. This elegantly simple and powerful module has been designed by Pankaj Gupta over thirteen years of research and experience. He was trained as an engineer and was a successful entrepreneur who over time moved away from his businesses to help people around the world transform their lives.

During and after this workshop you can make permanent
shifts in all areas of your life including :

Weight loss
Relief from chronic aches, pains and diseases
Moving from anxiety and phobias, to peace and strength
Releasing heartache, depression and grief to return to Joy
Increasing the flow of success and abundance
Reduced conflicts and loneliness
Improved and joyful relationships
Attitude correction and empowerment
Remaining peaceful, balanced and fulfilled in most situations
Freedom from addictions and complusive behaviours,
and more..

This workshop will give you complete control of your life, and your new-found understanding and power will keep you relaxed thorough the rest of your life.

During the workshop you will also be empowered with the ability to get permanent relief from emotional pain (hurt, anger, loneliness, fear etc), physical pain (migraines, joint pains, allergies, etc.), and mental distress (anxiety, complexes, failures, guilt, low confidence etc.)

You will also resolve personal issues and relationships at the workshop, without having to share any personal information with others in the group. You will leave the workshop feeling much better than you are feeling now. The shifts you make at
the workshop are permanent.

Lunch and course materials are provided. Year-round follow-up workshops (free) are held every fortnight in Delhi depending on Pankaj's availability, and as frequently as possible in other cities (dates announced on the Tapping Changes mailing list.)
This workshop is conducted in 1.5-day and 2-day formats.

This internationally acclaimed one and a half day workshop will be held in :

LONDON Jul 14-15, 2018
NEW DELHI Jul 28-29, 2018
SINGAPORE Aug 25-26, 2018
SINGAPORE Sep 15-16, 2018

All workshops can be attended live online from the comfort of your own home. To register please write to info@scientificwellness.sg or send an SMS to +65-84910565 and +91 9811127391.

If your city is not listed here please write to us so we can co-create a workshop there at your convenience.

Can't make it on the dates above? Check back in a few days for future workshop dates, or send an email to get on the mailing list.

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eft workshops

eft workshops

3-day Entrepreneurial Success module

The Success Module, also know as Brain Surgery is a 3-day workshop that will be held in:


Feb.23-25, 2018


To attend this workshop in person or online you need to complete the Live The Life You Want workshop. Please write to info@scientificwellness.sg to register for this workshop.

With advanced applications of EFT, also know previously as the Brain Surgery module

This is where you complete your learning about successfully "allowing" the manifestation of your desires. This workshop is done in smaller groups so seats are very limited.

"My 7-year loss making manufacturing-business made a US$1 million profit after the first Brain Surgery workshop I did with Mr.Gupta."

"My school's enrolment went up 40% after years of stagnation, after I cleared some internal patterns at a Brain Surgery workshop."

"I received an asset equivalent to an apartment, a new car, a much wanted first job (exactly to my needs), new phones and iPads within weeks of my first Brain Surgery with Mr.Pankaj Gupta."

"After attending this workshop I got the ideal job after being out of work for 9 months. At age 47 I did not think this was possible."

"My new educational institute's dwindling enrolments turned around after this Success module."

"My TV show got confirmed and extended after months of trying, as soon as I did this workshop and cleared my internal hurdles."

"My divorce settlement came through in a fair, easy manner after 2 years of legal battles, in one month after this workshop."

While these kinds of results are very common for people who complete this 3-day workshop, they vary and cannot be guaranteed for anyone. The success-rate is so high, however, that this is by far the most popular module among Pankaj's students and clients. Many of them have attended this module more than once and received bigger, better outcomes.

The understanding you receive at this workshop along with the changes you make, help you to live an easier, fulfilling life with ease. This workshop also includes four powerful group breath-work sessions that remove some of your deepest energy blocks. This is not done in the Live The Life You Want module. These sessions alone will cost about 80% of the workshop fee if done individually with Mr.Gupta.

To register for this workshop you need to complete the Live The Life You Want workshop. Please write to info@scientificwellness.sg for registration information.

Manifesting Miracles

A residential retreat to manifest miracles in your life

For more Information click here

Follow-up/continuation workshops

Sutained transformations in a guided setting

Details are emailed to students who have completed the Live The Life You Want workshop.

EFT for Teens

This workshop helps teenagers improve concentration, performance and results, reduce adolescent pressures, and balance relationships. Please send us an email if you wish to find out when this workshop is being held next.
To co-create a half-day workshop for a group of teenagers please send us an email at info@scientificwellness.sg

Personal healing sessions with Pankaj :

For individual healing sessions and consultations please click here

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